SOPHIA – Social Justice Ministry


Throughout the New Testament, Jesus and his followers urge Christians to take action and work for social justice in their communities. At Church of the Resurrection, we are committed to seeking justice in an increasingly fragmented world. Our church is an active member of SOPHIA, an interfaith organization of people in Waukesha County who work with agencies and public officials to facilitate change. Check out their Event Calendar.

Church of the Resurrection is one of many churches in the county with a “core group”— a group of people within the church who are interested in SOPHIA’s mission and goals. This group meets once a month to read and discuss books, participate in devotions and talk about issues facing the larger group. Individual members can choose to be part of county-wide task forces, which focus on one of SOPHIA’s main areas of focus:
– Immigration reform
– Prison reform
– Health care
– Fair housing

Each of the groups participates in lobbying efforts — listening to budget discussions, meeting with public officials and participating in protests and state action days. Please contact us for more information about SOPHIA.

Book Recommendation

In the late 1820s Sarah and Angelina Grimké traded their elite position as daughters of a prominent white slaveholding family in Charleston, South Carolina, for a life dedicated to abolitionism and advocacy of women’s rights in the North. After the Civil War, discovering that their late brother had had children with one of his slaves, the Grimké sisters helped to educate their nephews and gave them the means to start a new life in postbellum America. The nephews, Archibald and Francis, went on to become well-known African American activists in the burgeoning civil rights movement and the founding of the NAACP. Spanning 150 eventful years, this is an inspiring tale of a remarkable family that transformed itself and America.